Wok Chuan or Spatula
This shovel-like tool makes cooking and scooping in a hot wok quick, easy, and efficient. The wooden tip prevents the spatula from getting too hot to handle. The contour and sloping sides fit well into the curved wok.

The 14" length (the most common household size) can be used in a 12" or 14" wok (0.5 lb) and the 16" length for 16" wok (0.7 lb).

Wok Hoak or Ladle
This stainless steel utensil has a deep, round bowl that is necessary for serving soups and sauces. The wooden handle prevents ladle from getting too hot to grasp.

The 14" length (0.6 lb) - the most common household size - can be used in a 12" or 14" wok and the 16" length (0.7 lb) for 16" wok.

Larger sizes are also available - contact us for details.

14" $5.95 and 16" $7.95