claypot with lid

Clay Pot for Use on Stove Top
Made from clay (found only in China) that withstands a direct flame or burner, these pots represent an ancient, authentic part of Chinese cuisine. Best for rice and stews. Food is moist, cooks quickly, deliciously and nutritiously cooks in its own juices. Referred to as "sandy pots" due to their sandy exterior and course texture, the interior has a dark brown, smooth glaze. Some pots come with a removable wire "cage" covering the exterior that protects the earthenware and distributes heat evenly. Appealing for their traditional appearance and low cost, multiple pots make a decorative set. Recipes included. Sizes may vary slightly due to "cottage-industry" made in different villages.

Extra Small (1 quart, 2.13 lb) $9.95, 8" dia x 3.5" deep
Small (1.5 quart, 3.5 lb) $14.95, 9" dia. x 3.5" deep
Medium (2 quart, 4.13 lb) $19.95, 9.5" dia. x 3.5" deep
Large (4.5 quart, 6.25 lb) $24.95, 11" dia. x 4" deep
Individual size 12 oz capacity, 1.75 lb) $7.95, 6.5" dia. x 2.5" deep