Moon Cake Molds
Since moon cakes are usually only available for one month of the year, they are often very expensive and hard-to-find. With these beautiful hand-carved hardwood molds, you can make your own moon cakes at home for friends and family. The detail on these molds is so exquisite that they also make excellent butter molds, and when not in use, beautiful decorations for the walls of your kitchen.

The lotus mooncake mold is not shown, but is the same as that shown only smaller and without Chinese characters. This mold is used to make smaller mooncakes (1-3/4" diameter).

Moon cake molds are sold per piece. Moon cake recipes are included with purchase. Handmade in China.

Round Lotus Design: 13/4" x 1" $7.95
Round Floral w/Chinese characters: 23/4" x 11/4" $19.95
Square Floral w/Chinese characters: 23/4" x 11/4" $19.95