wok hand hammered with 2 metal handles
WokShop's Carbon Steel Hand Hammered Wok with Two Sturdy Metal Loop Handles, Round Bottom, Wok Ring Included
After a two-year mission to China, The Wok Shop finally was successful in manufacturing this fabulous hand-hammered wok in Guangdong Province. Beautifully dimpled from the hammering process, these woks are handsome enough to be showpiece and well-made enough to endure a lifetime of daily use. Now, available in flat bottom, 14"only, for electric,ceramic stove tops and induction stoves This wok is very easy to season and with gas heat, you will get "wok hee"; the breath of a wok. Gets hot quickly and retains heat. Carbon steel. Round bottom. Wok ring included with round bottom wok (flat bottom wok is not used with a wok ring).

Watch our video on how easy it is to season a wok.

10"  $14.95 3lbs. 3 oz.
12"  $19.95 3lbs. 8 oz.
14"  $22.95 5 lbs.
16"  $24.95 6 lbs.
14"  $22.95 (flat bottom) 4 lbs 4 oz. (wok ring not included w/flat bottom)