A wok, a round-bottom and now also available flat-bottom, bowl-shaped pan used for centuries in Chinese kitchens. This pan was designed out of a necessity to conserve on fuel because a wok conducts heat very efficiently, uses up little kitchen space since a wok takes the place of many pots and pans. With your wok you can stir-fry, steam, braise, saute, simmer, deep fat-fry, stew and even smoke.

The advantage of using a wok rather than a skillet is that the flared sides and depth permit rapid tossing of many ingredients and the use of a minimum of oil. The bottom of the wok gets extremely hot and the sides remain cool, thus, the food is cooked in the bottom and tossed to the sides; with this constant motion, vegetables are cooked just right…in the hot bottom, then tossed to the cool sides--quickly, efficiently, nutritiously!

Watch our video on how easy it is to season a wok.