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New import from Thailand. Used widely throughout Asia this hot pot is similar to fondue communal cooking at the table. Ingredients are seafood, meat, chicken, vegetables all cut bite-size and attractively arranged on a platter. Everyone cooks their own selection in the hot broth and retrieves with the wire mesh skimmer. Ingredients cook quickly and then dipped into various sauces: chili, garlic, soy/vinegar, hot mustard, green onion, etc. High quality stainless steel hot pot, 9.5″ diameter x 8.5″ total height, 3 pcs: pot, lid and sterno holder and 4 stainless steel skimmers = $39.95. Hotpot easily serves 4 to 6 people. 3 lbs. Additional skimmers (beyond the 4 included) sold separately, $1.50 each. Complimentary recipes included.

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