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Thai Sticky Rice Steamer

After many years of anticipation, the Wok Shop has finally been able to import this wonderful rice steamer from Thailand. The hand-woven bamboo basket sits in the aluminum rice pot to create perfect aromatic Thai jasmine sticky (sweet) rice. No other steaming method creates sticky rice like this authentic set.

Pot – 10 in. dia., 8.5 in. ht. Basket – 10 in. (ht. ) x 10 in. x 14.5 in.


Sold separately: Basket – $5.00 Rice pot – $7.95

Directions for Steaming:

1. Soak sticky jasmine rice in cold water overnight (or at least six hours).

2. Drain, then put the rice into the bamboo basket and place the basket over the pot of boiling water. Do not submerge the basket in the water. There is no need to cover the basket, for the rice will steam perfectly without one.

3. Immediately after rice has been steamed, shake the basket lightly and toss the rice around so that it will not be mushy, but will attain a light, fluffy consistency.

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